Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
Sell-Side Advisory
In our approach, we like to advise clients up-front about the various indications of value and provide them with an independent assessment of what their company is worth. We help them understand the sale process from start to finish before they move forward with a transaction. We can also assist in negotiating the best outcome for our clients.

We listen to our clients to understand the business, economic, industry, and other considerations, which extends to understanding company’s outlook for valuation purposes. We also look beyond the numbers and take into consideration your objectives, both financial and personal. We can provide a fairness opinion if the board deems that appropriate.

Buy-Side Advisory
We operate as an independent financial advisor to the ESOP trustee. In this capacity, we will provide the Trustee a preliminary indication of value, factoring in various proposed transaction structures. We advise you on the financial impact of any incentive plans, and provide negotiation assistance, and provide adequate consideration and fairness opinions, as needed.

We work with many trustees and attorneys and are regularly referred by these groups due to the care we take with their clients.

Compliance & Administration
We provide ongoing advisory services and are available year-round for any questions pertaining to the ESOPs and ESOP valuations. Rest assured we are constantly at the forefront of the issues that face many ERISA clientele, and ensure we are up do date on issues and trends by regularly attending and presenting at national and local ESOP conferences.
Equity BV offers clients the finest level of service available, with extensive corporate finance and business valuation experience. You’ve worked hard to grow your company. We can help with next stages. Whether you’re considering gifting, estate planning, contemplating an acquisition or merger, or simply want to know the value of your business, our expertise will help you make informed decisions with experts on your side.
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