Estate Valuations
Understanding Estate and Gift Valuations
You’ve worked hard to make sure your business thrives. Proper planning and execution are critical to allow your business assets to end up in the hands of your chosen heirs and to avoid or defer tax for the benefit of future generations. Knowing the value of your business, or your share of it, is the crucial first step. Equity Business Valuations will help you understand the process of valuation as it relates to tax consequences and work with you to help mitigate issues.

Valuation Understanding
We understand how to assess the factors that impact the value of your business, creating a well-supported valuation. Our valuation professionals have performed well over 1,500 valuations for business owners and their advisors. We pride ourselves on explaining the process and complex valuation nuances in a way that is easily understood by our clients and their advisors.

Working with you and your advisors, we provide valuation information that helps you make informed decisions regarding your financial interests, while complying with IRS reporting requirements”.

Equity BV offers clients the finest level of service available, with extensive corporate finance and business valuation experience. You’ve worked hard to grow your company. We can help with next stages. Whether you’re considering gifting, estate planning, contemplating an acquisition or merger, or simply want to know the value of your business, our expertise will help you make informed decisions with experts on your side.
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